Meet the Partisans


Meet the Partisans


Our culture shapes us and unites us with our clients.

This allows us to pursue shared values and goals. Everyday, we create and maintain this.

By doing this we’ve found a better way to advertise. It’s a selfless approach, focused on permission and not interruption. We believe in creating trust, in doing work that matters, work that creates energy and memories, work that will be missed when it’s gone.

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Greg Kramer, Creative Director of Partisan Advertising

Greg >> Teenage Anarchist.

021 254 0082

Greg started his journey in the advertising world in 1995. It was a more elegant time when patience was the watch word and there were no “quick fixes” to design problems. Back then you needed to craft your work by hand before taking it into a computer.

These days Greg spends time wondering how the Mongrel Mob always seem to get new members yet they don't advertise or have brochures and stuff. And why his 11 year old son organises his own birthday party when it's not his birthday and somehow still manages to pull it off and get presents and cake. He's solved the gang recruitment mystery but the birthday dilemma evades him.

Greg’s a huge fan of football and has completed New Zealand Football's Junior Level One and Level Two Coach Development Training Courses. For some crazy reason he also recently completed an Auckland Football Federation refereeing course.


Soo >> Graphic Designer and Dinosaur Fan.

The unexpected journey of graphic designer Soo began with doodling and free hand drawings at the young age of 4. Soo has a fabulous fascination of all things in the digital media landscape, especially computer graphics. Now she wishes that she had a control + z available to her while drawing on paper too. Soo enjoys creating communications through visual graphics, and likes the power of good designs, peace, and food. Especially food!


Kei >> Marketer, Performer and Coffee Lover.

Kei is a young marketer who specialises in social media and is currently handling various online business accounts. Kei has discovered that marketing is the closest field in business that allows her to express her artistic side. Kei has varied experience, from health care to pre-school to the performing arts. She now takes on art forms such as photography and videography to fill her artsy hunger and contributes blog posts to various websites, all done while enjoying her one true love - coffee.


Belgrade >> Head of Security.

Belgrade is named after Partizan Belgrade, the almost famous football team. Partizan was founded by young high officers of the Yugoslav People's Army in 1945 in Belgrade. Their home ground is the Partizan Stadium, where they have played since 1949. This doesn’t really matter to Belgrade as he doesn’t like sports.


Thanks for visiting our site. Here's our recipe for a Molotov cocktail.

You'll need:

  • 1 x glass bottle

  • A decent load of lighter fluid or strong alcohol

  • A box of matches or a lighter

  • Petrol (octane rating doesn't matter)

  • A rag

  • Some tar or motor oil

Start by pouring your flammable mixture about three quarters of the way into the glass bottle. You can mix flammable agents such as gasoline and turpentine together.

If you've got it, add a quarter cup of tar or motor oil for thicker consistency. This helps the fire stick to the target (sort of like napalm, but not so mental).

The fuse will ignite the Molotov mixture when the  bottle shatters and the lit fuse hits the liquid. Traditionally, the fuse is made from a rag that has been soaked in lighter fluid or something strong, like 85% proof Vodka.

Jam your rag into the glass bottle so that a quarter of it is hanging out the bottle. Make sure it's really stuffed in there so that no liquid spills when the Molotov is launched. Dry the outside of the bottle to avoid any blow back. Remember, a careful revolutionary is a safe revolutionary.

You now have a Molotov cocktail that is ready to kick ass and take names. When you're ready to rage against the machine, make sure you're at least three metres away from the target to avoid any horrible blow back. Don't light the fuse until you're ready to cause serious trouble. Throw from the base of the bottle for better accuracy.