A fleet of 6,500 trucks and trailers, travelling over 150 million kilometres per year.

68,000 invoices processed in 12 months.

450 suppliers across the country.

There's every chance that you've seen a TR truck on the road.

Andrew Carpenter (front), the Managing Director of TR Group, with Neil Bretherton, TR Group's General Manager, circa 1992.

Andrew Carpenter (front), the Managing Director of TR Group, with Neil Bretherton, TR Group's General Manager, circa 1992.

There are over 94,000 kilometres of roads and motorways stretching across New Zealand

These roads link every inch of our beautiful country, from the beaches and mountains, through to the cities and farms. The road stretches and winds, an endless path unchanged by darkness or light. The road is intertwined with all of us but it does not belong to any one person. The road belongs to everyone.

Every year, 22,500 trucks travel over 3,500 million kilometres of these roads. These trucks carry 91% of New Zealand’s land based freight, only 7% goes by rail and 2% goes via coastal shipping. Compare this to Australia, where road freight is at a mere 35% or the USA at 76%, and you’ll see how indispensable the heavy vehicle transport industry is to New Zealand’s continued economic growth and overall wellbeing.

When TR Group got started back in 1992, they had one simple goal: to become world class in truck and trailer rental and leasing. Starting with only 60 trailers in 1992, this Kiwi owned and operated company now boasts New Zealand’s largest fleet of rental and lease heavy vehicles, with over 6,500 trucks and trailers operating on New Zealand’s roads, managed from 12 branches nationwide.

TR Group offers a number of services over and above rental and lease, including managed maintenance of vehicles and fleets, driver training courses, vehicle monitoring, flexible vehicle configuration and a range of marques to suit specific customer needs.

TR Group Truck New Zealand road

The TR Group difference.

The TR Group team see themselves as “truck people” more than they see themselves as leasing or rental people. The company’s most heartfelt enthusiasm is for trucks – pure and simple.

This company culture is a unique point of difference when compared to their competitors, who focus on the finance aspects before the vehicle. Then there’s the fact that TR Group’s competitors don’t specialise in heavy vehicles, and are as likely to lease a crane, a helicopter or a building as they are to lease a truck. This gives TR Group an even stronger point of difference.

The passion, experience, values, and the culture of TR Group’s people provide amazing benefits to their customers. Most of the company’s key players and staff members have been involved in the trucking industry throughout their entire careers, with many of them working at TR Group for 15 years or more. This wealth of knowledge is unrivalled and is available to every client, regardless of the size of their business.

TR Group Volvo Launch
TR Group Refurbishment Centre

People do business with people.

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of places to rent or lease a truck, so what was it that gave TR Group enough of an edge to become the leading player in such a competitive market? Consider that from 1992 – 2014, TR Group had almost no focused marketing or advertising strategy in play. Now this would usually be the death knell for almost any business, yet TR Group were untroubled. Why?

TR Group grew and flourished based on their specialist services and products, and most importantly, because of the people that believed in the values and delivered them to customers. Products and services can be copied by competitors, but how do you copy human insight, experience, and passion?

When you drill right down to it, people do business with people; and it was this truth that became the basis for Partisan Advertising’s rebranding and advertising strategy for TR Group.

Here’s a fact: TR Group’s customers have better things to do than manage their fleets.

That may sound strange but managing fleets is only a part of the job for most fleet managers. TR Group ‘s entire reason for being is to manage trucks and fleets. This is what they do for every customer, every vehicle, every day and they’re the best at doing it. Basically, TR Group takes what is perceived by others as a difficult task and makes it look easy. And that’s where we found their new brand positioning: "Making heavy vehicle fleet management easy for you."

Our strategy was to consistently promote how easy TR Group makes it to run transport operations by taking away the hassles associated with fleet management, and showing the positive effects on running a business.


How we developed their unique brand position.

David Ogilvy said “the consumer is not a moron” and savvy consumers will always spot a con. TR Group’s customer base is built around some seriously savvy men and women. These are the powerful individuals running many of New Zealand’s leading transport and freight companies, and they would easily see through any typical advertising ruse.
At Partisan Advertising, we have found that there are five key persuaders that lead to successful advertising, namely:

  • Humour

  • Direct Comparison

  • Demonstration

  • Analogy

  • Testimonial

An advertising testimonial is a very powerful tool and it’s used by thousands of brands, often even when the accuracy and relevance of these testimonials is questionable. TR Group’s television campaign used a series of raw, unscripted client testimonials in which TR Group’s customers shared their experiences with the company. Having some of the biggest names in transport and freight step up for TR Group unquestionably proved their ability to deliver.

Print Advertising.

We have often found it easy to deliver great results for our clients by ignoring the stereotypes which surround them. We concentrated on keeping truck and driver type imagery to a minimum for TR Group’s print advertising and focused on business people enjoying the benefit of a productive relationship with TR Group.

What were the results? Between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017, TR Group's lease sales increased by 150%.


A website is a great way to communicate to potential and current clients, but how do you do this without boring the pants off them? And how do you cover the key elements in TR Group’s arsenal with equal balance that gives readers the full picture? Again we kept the focus on people. With a combination of TR Group staff photos and vehicle images, crisp copywriting and an excellent responsive design, the site delivers far better traffic than its predecessor.

Dates compared: 1 October 2015 - 30 March 2016 versus 1 October 2014 - 30 March 2015

Session duration up 32%

Pages per session up

Bounce Rate down

New visitors

Marketing Material.

It is still the role of advertising agencies to supply a through-the-line experience for their clients. From signage to brochures and business cards, Partisan Advertising created a series of immersive elements that delivered the TR Group brand to both their customers and their staff. Every piece was meticulously crafted to expand upon the culture and philosophy of the people at TR Group, and to further establish that the company lives and breathes trucks and trailers, always looking for ways to deliver on their “easy” positioning.
This was consistently carried through across TR Group’s nationwide network, welding the company to a brand position unparalleled in their industry. Everyone at the company, the yard staff, the mechanics in TR Group’s state of the art refurbishment centre, their top salesmen, their accountants and their board of directors, now all spoke from the same page as the TR Group brand became flesh.

Media Buying.

Correct media planning and execution is vital to the success of any advertising campaign. Through careful analysis and years of experience, our media team put together a comprehensive plan that targeted TR Group’s audience perfectly and delivered some amazing results.

Media analysis based on the period 1 October 2015 - 31 July 2016.

3+ Reached 50%

102,388 of TR Group's target audience saw the ad 3 or more times

Media value above spend: 1,794%

TR Fleet Sales Centre.

Used vehicles are often a parity product, meaning that similar or identical categories or vehicles possess virtually identical attributes. The reality is that one vehicle can easily become a satisfactory substitute for the others in that category. So how can potential buyers make a decision that’s not based on who has the lowest price? 

The answer is TR Fleet Sales Centre. As TR Group’s vehicles come off their lease periods or leave the rental division, they are sold by TR Fleet Sales Centre. The biggest point of difference when purchasing a used vehicle from TR Fleet Sales Centre lies in the product (biggest selection, biggest retailer, best warranty, full maintenance history, flexible configuration) and the people (the most experienced sales team in New Zealand, unbiased, specialists, knowledge base, reputation). It’s clear to see that TR Fleet Sales Centre is the number one choice when it comes to truck and trailer sales.

At Partisan Advertising, we live for parity products. Where others see boredom, we see the extraordinary and we’ll do everything we can to bring the diamond out of the rough.

By negotiating preferential rates with our chosen trucking publications, we took TR Fleet Sales Centre's used vehicle sale’s listing away from the back pages of the magazines and placed them proudly in the front four pages of the publications or in custom designed brochure inserts. This took TR’s listings away from immediate comparison and ended the parity problem.

TR Master Drive Services: creating measurable change through world-class driver training.

The cost of running a vehicle and operating a fleet is often influenced by how it is driven as this impacts on overall fleet profitability, from the amount of fuel used, overall wear and tear, maintenance and even driver satisfaction. Driver training is a way to make a real difference to lowering these operational costs.

TR Master Drive Services is a division of TR Group that focuses on helping their customers use vehicles better through driver training. Offering 70 courses, including courses for heavy vehicles, buses, light fleet vehicles, forklifts and specialist vehicles, available at 11 branches nationwide, drivers are trained by qualified and fully accredited instructors.

Through TR Master Drive Services, TR Group have achieved some impressive results in terms of helping their customers use their vehicles better:

Speeding accidents are down by 80%

Accident rates are down by 40%

Over two million litres of fuel has been saved

A reduction of 1,500 tonnes of carbon emissions

Once again, people feature heavily in all Master Drive communications. Combined with the wide range of services available, such as the Vehicle Stability Control and Rollover programme, there is a very compelling reason to choose TR Master Drive Services .

We want to make it absolutely clear that we are not trying to claim full responsibility for the results achieved with TR Group. It was quite apparent to us right from the onset that TR Group was a remarkable company and our achievements are shared through our combined hard work, passion and commitment for what we do.