• Launching a new product and looking to make a big impression?

  • Find the inspiration and courage to be different and don’t be scared of taking on your biggest competitor.

PenClox 1200 is a unique mastitis treatment that uses a dual combination of penicillin and cloxacillin to allow vets and farmers to effectively treat mastitis throughout the entire lactation period.

PenClox 1200 has a number of innovative features and benefits that differentiate it dramatically from its competitors, including:

  • Extended treatment options
  • Simple milk withholding periods
  • Convenient meat withholding periods
  • Easy 24 hour treatment intervals
  • Registered for use in cows milked either once or twice a day

Now all this might not mean much to you unless you're a dairy farmer or a vet, but if you’re in the industry, it's serious game changing stuff. For example, being able to extend the length of treatment of mastitis without extending the milk withholding periods translates into a major boost in milk production. All of this makes PenClox 1200 something truly brilliant, but as the saying goes, you can't sell a secret.

What did we do? 

First, we did the opposite of what everyone else did: we ignored the stereotype that all our competitors were bowing before. 

Take a look at the images below. Some are of adverts and some are of editorials from the July issue of the New Zealand Dairy Exporter (in which one of our full page ads for PenClox 1200 appeared). 


You’ll notice a huge prevalence of stereotypical images of farmers, cows and product shots. The most important thing to notice is that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the brands. Some of the ads even look like editorial features. If everything’s draped in an indistinguishable camouflage of similarity, how can you possibly hope to positively affect consumers' thoughts and opinions about your products? 

We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel here, or position PenClox 1200 like Miley Cyrus positioned herself at the MTV Music Video Awards. All we had to do was break away from the stereotype so strongly associated with the New Zealand farming industry. This meant no images of farmers or cows.


Second, we took on PenClox’s biggest competitor, Mastalone, head on and used their strengths (bigger budget, brand recognition, history) to our advantage.

Mastalone has been the dominant mastitis treatment in New Zealand for ages. Their pay-off line, “The Big Gun mastitis treatment”, is well known amongst vets and farmers. The headline we used for PenClox 1200 goes straight for the jugular in a no-frills execution that quite simply lays down the new law of what product to use when it comes to treating mastitis.

Mastalone advertising

What were the results?

  • PenClox 1200 sold 406% above forecast in less than two months.

  • Within two months the product was sold out and all advertising had to be temporarily halted so that production could catch up to demand.

  • After just one year in the market, PenClox 1200 is now the third biggest mastitis treatment in New Zealand. Not too shabby.

The full page advertisement for PenClox 1200 that appeared in the New Zealand Dairy Exporter. A comprehensive, year long advertising media schedule was planned for Penclox 1200