Want to increase sales of a product that is among the most expensive in the category?

Are you fighting well established competitors who have bigger budgets, stronger brand recognition and more shelf space?

Get an innovative approach that changes consumer’s buying habits.

Excellence Cat Food

Excellence Super Premium Pet Food formulations have been developed by leading pet nutritionists, veterinarians and food scientists and contain only the highest quality sources of proteins, digestible fats, carbohydrates, fibre and antioxidants. There is a guaranteed 26% meat protein in every pack and real meat is the number one ingredient. Compare this to the 80% water content in tinned pet foods and you’ll see how superior Excellence Super Premium Pet Food really is. 

The key to success lies in changing buying habits

Key to the success of increasing sales for our client was that we had to change the consumer’s buying habits of pet food in the supermarket environment. The Excellence Super Premium Pet Food range is better suited to the shelves of vet clinics, where it would compete with the likes of more expensive and exclusive pet food brands like Hills, Eukanuba and Royal Canin. However on the shelves of New Zealand’s supermarkets, where Excellence Super Premium Pet Food sits next to Whiskas, Vitapet, Pedigree, Purina One and a glut of canned pet foods, Excellence Super Premium Pet Food competes mostly on price and not on quality. In a vet clinic consumers are used to spending more for a better product, but in the aisles of Countdown, where you can buy a can of pet food for less than a dollar, consumers are often making their decisions based on price first.

Excellence Super Premium Pet Food has a premium status in supermarkets that commands a higher price point because the brand has taken the improved health benefits offered from a superior product, reduced the cost associated with it and removed the inconvenience of purchasing it. Excellence Super Premium Pet Food is the best possible buy for all pet owners in the most convenient environment: the supermarket.

Cat with owner

People don’t have pets merely to feed them.

People have pets because they fulfil a variety of needs that are all closely linked to the emotional and physical relationship shared between pet and owner. The vast majority of consumers purchase pet food to maintain this relationship and the emotional bond they have with their pets. This link was mostly ignored in our competitor’s marketing material, which approached more from the pet’s point of view rather than from the owners. Did you know that pet foods are coloured and named to appeal to human tastes?

Our advertising material shows that Excellence Super Premium Pet Food understands the amazing and unique relationship that pet owners have with their pets and how much significance pets have in their lives, family and routine.

Key touch points communicated that:

  • A healthier pet means a healthier, happier family.

  • A healthy pet is sick less often and visits the vet less frequently.

  • A healthy pet means owners and their pets can continue their unique relationship.

lazy cat

The promotion:

Excellence Super Premium Pet Food ran a competition and promotion exclusively through Countdown stores nationwide. The aim was:

  • To sell 10,000 units of Excellence Super Premium Pet Food within two months

  • Increase traffic to www.excellencepets.co.nz

  • Measure repeat purchases via coupon redemption in the months following the promotion

  • Announce that Excellence Super Premium Pet Food was voted Overall Winner in TV3’s Target show as the best cat food for quality, taste and value.

The mechanics of the competition were simple and the prizes were three chances to win a year’s supply of cat food valued at $300 each, and 50 chances to win flea and worm treatment packages for cats valued at $50 each.

What were the results?

  • 10,000 units sold between June and July

  • 1,851 entries to the competition via the website (18,5%)

  • 2,157 coupons redeemed in August and September

  •  21% increase in sales in August and September

  • Email database grew to 2097 names, with a 94.2% successful delivery rate

  • Emails average 57.9% open rate

  • Emails average 43.4% click through to website