I was recently discussing USPs with a client. We were discussing which USP would matter the most to his customers, and most importantly, which one we should advertise. My belief is that the best USPs are single minded in their promise, such as the best fuel economy or the most legroom of any airline. However, David Ogilvy’s legendary ad for Rolls Royce had 19. 

Ogilvy's classic ad

And then we saw this ad from Cavalier Bremworth:

Fire resistant carpeting sounds like a fantastic USP. But what happens when the rest of your house/apartment/office is burning down? When the ceiling ignites and the fire’s so hot it’s melting the microwave, would anyone really care that the carpet isn’t burning? Or burning less than everything else?

Does the idea of fireproof carpeting mean anything to consumers when they’re buying carpets? No one wakes up one day thinking “today’s the day the house burns down, I better get fireproof carpets” so why market it?

Maybe someone at Cavalier Bremworth can let me know.