Thank you to everyone who attended our first breakfast function on the 31st of October. It was held at Co:Space, a fantastic venue right on the heart of K-Road, with delicious coffee and amazing muffins.

The topic of the morning was "Should Brands Be Broadcasters?" We were joined by Rebecca Caroe of Creative Agency Secrets and together we held a very insightful debate into the pros and cons of brands and their broadcasting habits. We looked at who was spending billions broadcasting their ideas and who was making billions by not broadcasting their ideas. We also spent some time discussing how to successfully spread your ideas without blowing the bank.

Chris Rook raised an interesting question: why is the word "better" used so frequently by New Zealand's advertising agencies? It seems that the advertising cognoscenti have decided that "better" is the go-to word for all advertising agencies and their brands. Take a look at this list:

- Burger King, "Its better with the King"
- Holden, "Go better"
- Briscoes, "You'll never buy better"
- NZ Herald, "The more you know, the better"
- Lewis Road Creamery, "A better Butter",
- Good Magazine, "Simple choices for a better life",
- Beca, "Be better with Beca"
- Choice tv, "better Homes & Garden"
- Meridian, "better energy future"
- Auckland Airport, “making journeys better
- Slingshot, "Our better Network Bundle"
- Vodafone, "Do your thing better"
- 2 degrees, "2 degrees mission to make everything better", plus "2 degrees better"
- Telecom's CSR Foundation, "Building a better future for New Zealand"
- Smart Marine, "better boating and fishing starts here"
- Flybuys, "even better"

Thank you once again to all who attended and we hope to see you again. To those who couldn't make it, we really did miss you and we hope that you will join us at our next breakfast function at the end of November.