Honestly, the news that Saatchi & Saatchi NZ big knob Kevin Roberts was placed on leave for sexist comments is as daft as reporting that Mars is far away. Advertising is the most widely accepted sexist industry. How we can act with any surprise to Kev's sexism is beyond me. One man getting pinged for sexist acts will make no difference to anything. In fact, you have more chance of emptying the sea with a fork.

The entire advertising industry is rife with it, from the top to the bottom, through the middle and the back. How many female interns applied for a job at Saatchis on the creative director's casting couch? How many Auschwitz thin models have taken lusty bites out of fast food products that haven't seen the inside of their bodies since before they were teens? How many wives were presented with irons or washing machines or cigarettes as birthday presents?

Just type "Sex in advertising" into your google search bar and see what comes up.  Below are a few from the Saatchi & Saatchi stable.

These ads are as sexist as can be, so why do the women who work at Saatchi's not do something about this? Why are they happy when all the company is doing is perpetuating a creative stereotype and doing nothing significant for feminism? If you work in an industry that breeds sexism then don't complain when some idiot says a sexist thing. Especially when your company is flogging dead meat in a bun using a 21 year old, double dee blond in a bikini to do it. Double standards I think. You can't work at a death camp and complain about the quality of your toilet paper when all around you people are getting hacked to death. Excuse my metaphors but at least they're not sexist. Make a change. Protest. Walk out. Burn the office down. Hang the bastard. Make it significant. Change the status quo for all of us. Please.