There’s something just right about the way FOUR have gone about their branding business this year. Sure, FOUR don’t have as wide a target as the other broadcasters, or as small a market as Rialto or the ARTS channel, but they really do a good job of appealing to their demographic.


There’s something of an elegant solution in everything they do. From they way they use the beautiful Gotham font across their network, to their striking colours and their often awful movie choices, there’s not much to fault them with (except that Gotham is the most used font of the past decade). Every detail seems nuanced to the nth degree, which might seem odd based on their young(ish) target market. I guess the sophistication level of the average New Girl and Glee viewer isn’t what many people thought it was. Then again, I’m almost 40 and I’m sure FOUR is one of my most watched channels, just behind the Brainiac Bunch of National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Even though FOUR exist in my life at the mercy of the fast forward button, I still enjoy their company. And at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters in the relationship between consumers and their brands.

Merry Christmas!