This ad is a deserving winner because it’s so terrible on so many levels.

First, the truth behind this shambles on an advert lies in its deceit. SKY simply wants to cut costs by eliminating postage and it has nothing to do with getting their customers to “move with the times”. If they have 800,000 subscribers receiving a posted envelope each month this equals approximately $560,000 per month spent on mail (based on 70 cents per envelope but excluding printing and other costs). Sending out an email would likely cost as little as one cent per email and that’s much better for them. Sorry SKY, but for my $110 per month you can send me a damn envelope!

Second, SKY’s advertising agency, DDB, have created this Lloyd character (a clear rip-off of Mr. Bean) as the main villain, purely as a means to play on the consumer’s fear of germs. Poor Lloyd, he must feel terrible being portrayed as some disgusting, diabolical criminal intent on spreading diseases and viruses through the mail, when all he really wants to do is decent day's work so he can go home to his rental in South Auckland and throw back a few beers.

Third, SKY’s envelopes come with those cool tear-off strips at the back so you’ll never go anywhere near where poor Lloyd’s tongue went, so what’s the problem? 

There must be a million better ways to disguise the fact that you’re a cheap bastard and are trying to cut costs, but I guess no one at SKY or DDB gives a rat’s arse about treating their customers with an ounce of respect or dignity. Shame on you SKY and DDB. Your No-Prize is in the mail.