The number of complaints made to the Advertising Standards Authority dropped last year, from 1197 to 1076. I wonder if this means that advertising is getting better or if advertisers are just starting to respect consumers more?

At  the end of the day, the consumer has all the power and they decide the worth of a brand. That's a plain, hard fact.

On top of the list for the most offensive ad of 2013, with 53 complaints against it, is this terrible ad from Libra. 

On top of my list for the most offensive quote (so far) for 2013 in regards to advertising is this gem from David Walden, the Big Cheese at TBWA:

"In our endeavours to entertain, a few people might find that we push the barriers a bit too far. If that's the case, so be it, otherwise advertising would be pretty bloody boring."

Pure Neanderthal thinking. 

Hopefully what's good for the goose will be good for the gander and I'll be allowed to push the barriers with this blog (which I consider advertising) and not have a bunch of Walden's goons arrive at my door armed with scalpels and Pantone books intent on my demise. 

God bless this Kiwi advertising nation.