RED ALERT! We’re talking about period products! Pads, liners, and tampons – not to mention a hot pack, pain killers, and food, lots and lots of food. But we’re specifically going to talk about the ones that us girls use to trap our bloody well… blood! (And mucosal tissue, but let’s not get scientific/visual.)

This menstruation thing is just cramping our style, period. (#pungameisstrong) Ladies, back me up. Most period product ads are the same. A girl or group of girls in white pants or skirts, doing pirouettes, jumping and laughing like it’s all good, doing things they wouldn’t even do if they did not have their period!

The unrealistic advertising of pads and tampons are 100% unnecessary to begin with. First, because it’s totally wrong and counts as false advertising. I know when I’m on my period all I want to do is spend a couple of days in bed with an electric blanket no matter how hot it is outside, fetal position, eating fro-yo, sour squirms, and soup. I most certainly do not want to ride a horse nor do flips at a trampoline park while Aunt Flow is around. Second, I think period products shouldn’t even be advertised to begin with because we’re going to buy them anyway! We don’t have a choice. We will bleed – red blood, NOT some blue liquid. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

Does brand matter? Yes and no. Yes, because we tend to become loyal to the brand we’re most comfortable using. I personally am not influenced by ads in this decision because it’s all a matter of experience. And no, brands do not matter especially when your monthly visitor comes without a warning – we’ll most likely use what’s accessible and not risk the apparently high chance of leaking through and staining our white pants.

A great thing to realise though is with the good ol’ Internet, women all over the world have now been responsive in creating videos and articles that reveal how periods actually work. These often point out how period product advertisers do nothing but ovary-act, showing us stuff that we can do if we had their pads or tampons, all the while masking the rather nasty side of things.

I say tamp-off with the crazy illusions of a good period experience. I’d rather see adverts such as this one from Kotex. This is a lot coming from me because I’m not a person who enjoys sarcasm, but I reckon this was well-executed.

It’s obvious where I stand with this. What do you guys think? Shouldn’t period product advertisers just stop and go with the flow?