In most cases the answer is no. 

They should be charging a lot more for their creative work and a lot less for the items that simply piss their clients off.

Here's a few examples:

At a previous agency I worked at in Auckland, we landed a high profile electronics brand because their incumbent agency overcharged them and were duly fired. They didn't overcharge for their creative work, but rather to courier a cd with some work from their posh offices in Parnell to their client, whose office is just off Highbrook Avenue. A total distance of 16.6 kilometres (thx Google maps). The cost? $450.

And it seems like a popular thing to do. Virbac NZ were also charged $400 to get a disk delivered from their ex-agency to their offices.

And today I spoke to an ex-marketing lady whose ex-agency charged her for paper clips. Yes, paper clips. Listed on the invoice. Amazing.

No wonder when the time comes to justify the cost of the creative work, most advertising agencies all stand around in shock that their genius could be questioned. Which in turn means decent businesses are too apprehensive of being ripped off so they go to places like freelancer dot com where some chap in Bosnia/Pakistan/Nigeria/Whereversville designs a logo for them for less than a hundred bucks. 

Three cheers for knowing what's important in Ad Land! Hip Hip ......