One of my realizations as of late is that advertising is a good career path especially when you want to redefine the world’s standards and make a difference. For me, one of the things I’m passionate about is for women to recognise their natural beauty.

Back in the 50’s, Marilyn Monroe had created such a standard for real beauty that it broke the stigma of having a specific body type for models. Her natural allure stirred up the industry to such an extent that curves became a trend for models even after her time. But things changed since Marilyn's day.

In 2004, Dove launched its Real Beauty Campaign which created a huge impact in the advertising industry, influencing several companies to become proactive with their image through public relations. Bringing positive messages and using real people in advertisements won the hearts of many while raising awareness for various advocacies and causes.

The following video is a must see! No spoilers here so have a quick watch and I’ll talk about it below.

“Now knowing that I don’t need something to make me feel that way – that’s just who I am. And it was kind of hidden, and now it’s not anymore – it’s very empowering.”

I found it intriguing and believed that the patch is some sort of magic for a while. After all, there are products of the same nature like caffeine patches. But towards the end, we find out that there was absolutely nothing in the patch! We can be led to believe that we need an external force to look pretty or feel good yet it just takes one simple awakening to the truth that we need nothing to be beautiful – because we already are.

I do wish more companies followed Dove’s example when it comes to advertising, especially towards women. But now I am compelled to look into how advertising affects men as well. Join me in my next blog as I explore how men feel towards advertising.