As mentioned here, bravery is different in the real world when compared to the marketing world.

In the real world you need to simply prove your bravery once and then it’s over. Scared of heights? Strap a parachute to your back and jump out of a plane. Bravery accomplished. No one says you need to parachute from a higher spot because you weren’t brave enough and only jumped from 5,000 feet.

In marketing land it’s not enough to pull off one brave action. To be thought of as brave you need to continually attempt new things. Once is not enough. You need to become a junkie, addicted to the rush of bravery in the same way that some folk are addicted to parachuting off cliffs or jumping over 36 cars on a motorbike while on fire.

But just like them, I think you’ll start to appreciate the rush and will soon live for it.