• Want to know how to increase your sales by as much as possible in the shortest time possible?

  • Demand an innovative approach that changes the status quo.

  • And take some tips from the alcohol industry.



Virbac Animal Health recently launched HeadStart Gold, a transitional oral drench, in a new 750mL bottle format. HeadStart Gold is a production stimulant that is used three to four weeks prior to and after calving to help cows during this stressful period, it minimizes issues arising from lactational demands, cold weather and limited feed.

Dairy and sheep farmers use this smaller 750mL unit when they don't have the need to purchase the larger 33 litre drums that are available. Virbac Animal Health wanted an innovative approach that would lift sales and position HeadStart Gold as the best transitional oral drench available in smaller single dose sizes.

Picture the scene

You’re pushing your trolley down the beer aisle in the supermarket looking at the brands on offer. You decide what you want and you grab a 6 pack, 12 pack, 15 pack or 24 pack of beers, put it in your trolley and off you go. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you had to take each beer bottle or can from the fridge and place them individually into your trolley. This would totally redefine the concept of inconvenience for almost every shopper. So why would you sell a transitional oral drench formula in individual bottles? The simple answer: “Because that’s all there was.”

Farming is the biggest industry in New Zealand and the average dairy farm has 376 head of cattle on it (*NZ Dairy Statistics 2009-10 LIC-DairyNZ). So the likelihood of a farmer only needing one bottle of drench seems unlikely. Yet many manufacturers of oral drenches sell their smaller oral drenches through vet clinics in inconvenient single units and this creates a few problems. Unlike a beer bottle, a bottle of oral drench is available in a number of sizes, from 350mL to one litre. And as with beer, one bottle is often not enough, meaning you need a number of bottles to get the right effects.

A beer-fuelled solution was close at hand

Taking our cue from the alcohol industry, we designed a container that could hold four of Virbac’s 750mL HeadStart Gold bottles. With a well crafted design that re-established familiar and relevant touch points similar to a 6 pack of beer, such as the ergonomic handle and a strong focus on New Zealand patriotism, we created a cost effective and convenient package that positioned HeadStart Gold as the absolute pinnacle of product innovation and superiority within this market segment.


  • What were the results?

  • Virbac Animal Health increased sales of HeadStart Gold by 200% in less than two months, with the majority of the product being completely sold out in many areas of New Zealand.

  • With a strong focus on creative innovation and a thorough understanding of the environment in which our client’s product competes, we were able to deliver a solution that effectively changed the status quo. This resulted in a huge upswing in sales and brand position for Virbac Animal Health.